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Wm. Jay Schiffelin sends a $250 check as a Christmas present from the Association of Berry Pilgrims.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Henry Sillcocks and her friend for their gift.

Martha writes to Mrs. Rea glad that she will visit the Berry Schools on her visit to Florida.

David writes to Martha on behalf of his mother who is away with a check for 100 to answer Martha's appeal for aid.

Martha Berry writes to Emily Hammond thanking her for the check of $1000 to help the boys who lost their belongings in the fire. She also expresses gratitude for the donations to Pilgrim Hall and wishes Hammond a Happy New Year.

In this letter Martha Berry is thanking Mrs. Foster for her help and sending her best wishes for the New Year.


Martha Berry writes to Miss Edgar thanking her for the gift of her own earnings. Miss Berry says that she has a warm spot in her heart for everyone associated with the Spence School. She also talks about how pleasant their Christmas was and expresses her hope that the New Year is full of blessings for Miss Edgar.

Miss Berry thanks Mr. Barrow for the packages of peanuts he sent to the schools. She also asks that he would pay the schools a visit and wishes him a bright New Year.

Ms. Colgate sends good wishes for the New Year.

Mrs. Wright writes with her small gift in honor of her late husband Frank H. Wright. She hopes that Miss Berry's work continues and wishes her a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.

Mrs. Elliot explains to Miss Berry that she sent a box of books and magazines a few days earlier for the Schools, but she also mentions not to hesitate to use them in a bon fire if they are not useful. She does believe the Child's Bible would probably be enjoyed. Mrs. Elliot also thanks Miss Berry for the "adorable" gift of cotton for Christmas and wishes her a wonderful New Year.

Edith Stevens encloses $25 on behalf of the Rhoda Carver Barton Chapter DAR, yet she wishes they could send a larger amount due to the wonderful work of the Berry Schools.

Mrs. Margaret Dunham sends her New Year's wishes and thanks Miss Berry for the cotton bolls she received.

This is a thank you letter from Miss Berry to Mrs. Schlotman thanking her for her gift. She also asks that she tell her friends about the needs The Schools are facing in hopes that The Schools will get more funding.

Miss Milligen writes with a check for 10 dollars for the Berry Schools.

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