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Letter to George Eastman from Martha Berry thanking him for the Kodak he sent to the schools and informing him of it's many uses around campus. However, she also asks if he might send them a moving picture machine. She addresses that her request might seem ungrateful to thank him for one gift and then ask for another. However, she admits that she jus returned from England and witnessed all the good he was doing over there and thought he could find it in his heart to give them a moving picture machine. She argues that it will help her raise money for the schools because she will be able to capture the work as it is happening.

Miss Berry writes to Miss Mason asking about if it would be possible for a Berry Grad to meet with Miss Mason. She also worries that Berry's Boston friends would forget about the school since it has been so long.

Martha Berry asks Mr. Martin when would be a good time for her to visit Augusta with a graduate of the schools. She would like to set up an exhibit there and perhaps show some of the "moving pictures."

Martha Berry updates Ladd on furnishings for Lemley Hall and what she hopes will happen in the future.

Letter noting arrival of a gift of a fan for Mrs. Rivers and encouraging Miss Berry to prepare a moving pictures and beautiful exhibit for Hot Springs, VA

Martha writes to thank Mrs. Turnbull for her letter and letting her know that she will be in New York later in November through til December.

Letter to Mrs. George H. Smiley from Martha Berry informing her that a young graduate of the Berry Schools, Inez Wooten, will be at Mohonk Lake and Miss Berry asks Mrs. Smiley if it might be possible for her to arrange for Miss Wooten to speak at Lake Minnewaska while she is there. Miss Berry also asks if Miss Wooten might show the moving pictures of the schools. Miss Berry asks her to inform Miss Wooten whether it would be possible for her to speak. She also thanks her for anything that she might be able to do to help.

In this letter Miss Berry writes to Mrs. Smiley and asks that she could come to Lake Mohonk and visit, in order to show her exhibit and encourage donations from their wealthy community.

Letter to Mrs. Jno. Farmley from Martha Berry thanking her for holding a meeting on March 13th. She informs Mrs. Farmley that she will be in New York City on March 6th at the Gotham Hotel with Inez Wooten, a graduate of the schools. She also inquires whether she has a moving picture machine and states that if she doesn't that she won't bring the moving pictures. She also encloses a list of people at Norristown who have been interested in Berry.

The author is unclear, since one item refers to Martha Berry in third person and several items refer to "we". A catalog of dinners and meetings during a trip to New York, acknowledgement letters needed, prospective donors, and excerpts from speeches made at a "Negro Schools Program" held at Carnegie Hall.

In this letter The Berry Schools say that they are sending all they can for Mrs. Inman's exhibit. They took samples she had in her trunk so they can send a similar variety of what Miss Berry has just not the quantity.

Martha writes to Louise to let her know about the moving pictures at the Bon-Air Vanderbilt. She also makes note of not being very public about the meetings so Mr. Martin isn't flooded with requests about the products at Berry.

Letter to Emily Vanderbilt Hammond from Martha Berry informing her that she is coming to New York and will be staying at the Gotham Hotel. She also informs Mrs. Hammond that she convinced them not to have a dinner but that they insisted they must have a luncheon. She also informs Mrs. Hammond that the film of the Pilgrim Party are too small to fit Berry's moving picture machine and asks her if there is anything that can be done when she gets to New York. She also informs Mrs. Hammond that she looks forward to seeing her.

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