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Martha Berry expresses her regrets that Mrs. Milton was unable to visit Berry on her trip. She encourages her to send the school suggestions for arts and crafts. She says that she is sending Mrs. Moon some literature about the schools and hopes she will be interested. Berry also talks about a boy she recently found in the mountains and wants to bring to Berry.

Letter written in pseudo-calligraphic hand on letterhead from the Stanley Apartment Hotel in Pasadena, CA.

A letter from Martha Berry explaining to Lydia M. Folger the good that her donation will do for the Berry Schools. Berry also mentions the fact that she is not strong enough to travel.

This is a thank-you letter from Miss Berry to a woman named Mrs. Henderson for her generous gift. Miss Berry tells her what her money is going towards: fulfilling a promise of education to some boys and girls she met in desolate cabins in the mountains.

Martha Berry writes to George Hills thanking him for his donation that will allow one country boy or girl to attend Berry for one year.

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