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This letter is to Martha Berry referring to a possible property near her mountain school that she may like to buy. It tells her about the property and also asks her to contact her if she is interested in it.

Warren E. Hall writes as a representative of B.M. Hall & Sons, Civil and Mining Engineers, to express concern about the unsafe state of Victory Lake because of sewage and mud flowing into the lake and to suggest remedies.

Charles Dickerson would like to paint a portrait for Martha Berry.

Letter enclosed a $734 check to endow November 3, birthday of Mrs. Algernon S. Sullivan, president of the Industrial Education Association for Southern Mountaineers.

Lucille La Verne has urged the DAR and SAR, who are working of helping mountain schools, to direct all of their giving to the Berry Schools. She asks Berry to send her a letter that describes the school's needs.

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