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Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Clark for the letter of sympathy after the death of her mother. She also expresses her enjoyment after Mrs. Clark's recent visit and wishes she will visit the schools again.

This letter to Mrs. Elisha Whittelsey from Miss Martha Berry thanks her for sending the boys and girls at Berry a gift. She also thanks her for the lavender soap. Miss Berry asks Mrs. Whittelsey where she can purchase the lavender soap because she'd like to keep a supply of it on hand.

Martha Berry thanks Miss Whitfield for her gift of $250. Berry discusses the death of her mother and she appeals to Miss Whitfield to visit along with Mrs. Carnegie.

Eugene Stetson writes to Martha Berry with a donation of $100. He also inquires about Colonel Charles Hayden's donation and sends his sympathies for Martha Berry's mother's death.

Julie V. Loew writes Martha Berry inquiring about clothing donations, informs Martha Berry of her mother's passing, and provides her new address.

Martha writes to Emily Hammond with news of the death of her mother, unsure of what the disposition will be made of the house now.

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