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A letter from Peggie Hull Holliday to Martha Berry, recounting the experience of the first day she arrived at how being a "Berry girl" changed her life. She mentions that, even though Martha didn't have any children of her own, Martha should know that she is a mother to all of the people that have gone through her schools.

Martha Berry thanks Valentine for his gift which came at a time of great need. She praises him and his parents who were among the earliest friends of Berry. She explains that they are economizing all they can, but still she feels like a mother who cannot take care of the needs of her children. Miss Berry also invites Valentine to bring his wife, Lydia, and his daughter to visit Berry.

Mrs. Halsey writes to thank Miss Berry for her help with her mother's birthday. She says she gave her mother Miss Berry's message and she said many loving things about Miss Berry and her work. Mrs. Halsey's mother was also glad to receive the messages from the girls.

Mrs. Halsey writes again to clarify to Miss Berry that she is putting toether a birthday book for her mother and sends three pages for the "3 Lo." to write on. She asks that the pages be sent back to her right away.

Mrs. Halsey writes to Miss Bery to explain the birthday book she is putting together for her mother's 75th birthday. The book will contain good wishes and love from all the children her mother has helped. She asks if it would be better to send the pages or ask for the addresses of the "3 Lo."

Miss Sarah G. Andrews responds to Miss Berry's appeal with a $15 donation.

Martha Berry is writing this letter to ask for money for the schools for their 25th anniversary. Mr. Dean seems to be a mutual friend of both Miss Berry and Mr. Pratt and he had donated money to the schools before. Miss Berry's mother had just passed and she hadn't been able to get donations for the schools however she knew that Mr. Dean would help had he been alive still. Therefore, she asks for help from Mr. Pratt.

This letter to Mrs. Elisha Whittelsey from Miss Martha Berry thanks her for sending the boys and girls at Berry a gift. She also thanks her for the lavender soap. Miss Berry asks Mrs. Whittelsey where she can purchase the lavender soap because she'd like to keep a supply of it on hand.

Miss Berry sends the engraving company a sample appreciation card and requests 75 of them engraved with the message "The family of Mrs. Thomas Berry gratefully acknowledge your kind thought and expression of sympathy." She says the other cards will be returned under separate cover.

Alice B. Harden expresses sympathy for Miss Berry's mother's accident, explaining that she especially understands because her own mother had the same accident.

Miss Berry tells Miss Whitfield about the meeting Mrs. Morris is planning at Bar Harbor and tells her that if Miss Berry's mother is well enough she will attend the meeting. She says that it is beastly hot at Berry and that they are only $20,000 away from being able to complete the new dormitory.

Susan Foote sends a letter expressing her love and apologies to Martha Berry regarding her mother's broken hip.

Fanny Duren comments on some literature from Berry, as well as leaflets sent out by Dr. Grenfell's Labarador Mission. Berry's Allen Langston will spend the Thanksgiving holidays at her home, and she invites Miss Berry to her home if she ever is able to pack her bag and visit the Midwest.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Hammond for a recent contribution. Martha Berry is worried that the school has gotten some negative publicity lately for having well-known donors and other donors have started sending their money elsewhere. Berry also mentions that her mother and her "old black Mammy" aren't very well, so she tries to stay close to the schools.


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