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Laura M. Clay, a member of the Mary L. Neal Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian Church in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, sent Martha Berry a $25 donation for the school. The money was left over from the Auxiliary's Missionary Society budget.

Mary Freeman writes to Martha inquiring if the barrel of clothing that was sent had been received.

In this letter Miss Mary A Freeman states that her missionanary society will be sending a freight of prepaid clothing to the Berry Schools for the children there.

Mary E. Benjamin writes of her recent appointment to the correspondence committee of the Masters School's missionary society and her excitement at learning that Martha Berry is on her new list of correspondents. Mary Benjamin particularly admires Martha Berry's work at the Berry Schools because of her Sunday school's prior correspondence with someone who worked with the mountain people of Kentucky.
She goes on to say that she believes a Masters School student is currently on scholarship at Berry and that she would like to know more about them so that her school may establish some kind of personal contact with him/her.

Letter to Martha Berry from Jane P. Myer concerning her interest in the Berry Schools. Mrs Myer informs Miss Berry that she used to be a resident of Augusta, Georgia and that she had often heard about the fine work done at the Berry schools. She also informed Miss Berry that she recently saw the account of the Berry Schools published in the N.Y. Tribune. Although she informs Miss Berry that she now has made her home near Boston that she is part of a Missionary Society that offers donations for those doing work in missions. She asks Miss Berry to inform her of anyway that they can help and that within their societies means they will help in whatever way they can.

Donation of $10.00 from Ellen M. Lucas on behalf of the Fannie M. Newell Missionary Society.

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