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Eva M. Swift, a missionary from India and principal of a school similar to those at Berry, writes to ask Miss Berry if she could see her work and discuss ideas about education when she passes through on March 27th.

Louise Wilcox sends $300 to sponsor a girl's education at the Berry Schools. She asks Martha Berry to send her the name of any girl, except one with 'missionary tendencies', so that Louise can write her occasionally.

In this letter W. Eugene Salle writes back to his friends and family from China. Salle talks about his mission in China and how it has not been easy to carry out the mission from Jesus Christ.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Dunkelberger, from The W.M. Stearns Missionary Fund, for donating to the school. As people are "begging to come to Berry," Martha says that investments pay one hundred percent in human dividends.

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