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Miss Berry is asking that Mr. Hamrick ensure that the work boys find time to go to Chapel and, at least, listen to this guest speaker. She also asks that he see that the visiting minister gets a tour of the schools, and that the old cedar is cut down for lumber.

Smiley corresponds about arrangements for Berry to visit and speak at Wildmere House in New York. She reports on meeting a Berry graduate, Robert Guice, who preached nearby.

This donation of $25 is for a fund for a young man named Eugene so that he can go to Berry to become a minister.

Mrs. Hall writes to Martha informing her of the check for 200 dollars for the Berry school. She also informs her about how she follows the Berry Schools with much interest and tells her friends about it by showing them the news in the paper. She also talks about her two sons. One is a minister at Christ's Church in New York and the other is teaching for two years at Robert College Constantinople.

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