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A reply sent in Martha Berry's absence to Reed's letter about a bequest from her husband. Although a scholarship in her husband's name is a possibility, the preference is for bequests to be placed in the endowment fund.

In this letter Jane Bossie is the secretary writing for Mrs. C. S. Petrasch. She encloses a check for one hundred and fifty dollars for a scholarship in memory of C.S.P.

This letter accompanied $150 scholarship donation in memory of Mrs. Kopperl's son, George.

Eleanor Hussey would like to set aside a day for endownment.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. and Mrs. Craig for their kind donation to Berry on behalf of their late son.

Mrs. Street writes to donate a small check in memory of her mother, Mrs. Ellen S. Conger.

Berry writes to thank Stewart for his generous gift and invites him to visit the schools. She tells him that they are so grateful for the scholarships in memory of his mother and his brother. She also tells him that the latchstring is on the outside and he is welcome any time.

The Berry Schools write to thank Mrs. Stetson for reminding them that her gift was in memory of her brother and apologizes for their error in their previous letter.

Mrs. Phelps sends a $200 donation to the Berry Schools in honor of her late husband, Gen. John W. Phelps.

Emma R. McAlpin encloses a check to fund a boy's scholarship in memory of her father, William Rockefeller.

Hollenback's nephew, Louis Twyeffort, has endowed a memorial scholarship in honor of his brother John Gooding Twyeffort. Berry remembers the sadness of the death of "Baby John" and tells Hollenback the scholarship is the best memorial he could have. Berry reports on Frances Ball's kidney operation at Johns Hopkins Hosptial.

Clementine Farr Duff sends a donation of $300 in her mother's name,:Mary Ghilldin Farr. She leaves the use of her money to Martha Berry's judgement.

Berry explains the options that are available to Mrs. Bigler for using a bequest to the school from her mother, including an endowed day and scholarships.

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