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The Berry Schools write Mrs. Miller to aid her in naming Martha Berry as one of the twelve great American women.

Howard A. Kelly sent Martha Berry memoranda to be be inspected and approved. The memoranda expressed his high esteem for her work. He also talked about his strong bond of affection which has grown since he first heard her speak of the great need at Northfield one summer.

This document is a statement charging Martha Berry for $16,952.

This is a memorandum statement to Martha Berry from E.F Hutton & Company acknowledging a charge on the account for $2.00 for taxes.

Berry discusses the school's financial accounting, comparing it to other institutions and sharing her distress at letters Hammond had shared that seem to have asserted that Berry expenses were extravagant.

A memorandum from the Empire Furniture Company to Berry Schools. Memorandum contains the type of furniture, how many, a description, and the cost.

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