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Wingo conveys the desire of the Boys' School faculty to view motion pictures at the Girls' School because the projector there is better. Wingo feels that the measles quarantine prohibits the visit.

Martha Berry instructs Alice Wingo to keep a strict quarantine between the Girls School and the College because several cases of measles have been reported at the College.

Berry reports that there has been much illness, including flu and a measles epidemic. Two boys have died, one by electrocution. She thanks Neal for sending money, asking that she let Berry know of any deficit since she does not want Neal to lose money in the investment.

Berry instructs Hamrick not to let boys who have not had measles drive or run errands between the schools. She asks him to speak with a boy about his reckless driving, have all of the trucks cleaned and serviced, and to spend time improving conditions around the new resevoirs.

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