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Webb informs Berry of the death of her aunt, Mrs. Edward N. Roth.

Mr. O'Connor requests the removal of Mrs. Mead's information, as she has passed.

Henry informs The Berry Schools of the death of Mary Boyd McCormick and asks that she be removed from Berry's mailing list.

Chas. S. Hebard replies to an appeal for gifts during desperate times due to a severe "drouth" that has parched area gardens and orchards. Original recipient, Mrs. Chas. S. Hebard, died in Sept. of 1929 so Mr. Hebard sent a reply and asks that Mrs. Hebard be removed from Berry's mailing list.

John Brand asks to have his name removed from the mailing list.

Mrs. Blanchard asks that her name be removed from the mailing list.

L. D. Akerly writes to Martha Berry requesting to be taken off the mailing list due to the uncertainty of her address. She also speaks highly of the good work of the School and sends a donation of $10.50.

Edith R. Bancroft writes to inform Martha Berry of the death of her sister Martha Worcester and that she is returning the box that was sent to Ms. Worcester.

Miss Margaret Smith sends a donation and requests for names to be added to the Berry School's mailing list.

The Berry Schools writes to Helen R. Gill to thank her for the gifts that she and her friends sent as well as the list of names that she provided to be placed on Berry's mailing list. The Schools also wish to express their condolences at Miss Gill's recent illness and hopes that her condition is improving.

This document holds names that are meant to be added to a mailing list.

Emily Birlson informs Martha Berry that Mr & Mrs. William P. Bancroft passed away and that she should remove their names from her mailing list.

Letter from Walter G. Pietsch to Martha Berry requesting the removal of the names of Mrs. W. G. Pietsch and Miss Amy L. Pietsch from mailing lists.

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