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This letter is informing Capt. Southrick that they are sending some literature to his friends in Florida. It also expresses the gladnesses to recieve a flag from him when he gets back into Washington.

A letter thanking Mr. Pullen for his donation of $1.00 and also asking for a list of all the people in Albany who might be interested in Berry.

Martha Berry is writing Mr. Eller (United States Game Warden) asking for advice in securing white deer for Mount Berry. She encloses literature for Mr. Eller and tells him there are 25,000 acres of land. She is very anxious to have white deer on the place.

In this letter Martha Berry tells Mrs. Olinder that she is sending literature of the schools and thanks her for her interest.

A letter from Martha Berry asking her friend, Miss Angela Morgan, for her vote in the Good Housekeeping Magazine's, 'Twelve Greatest American Women' contest, as well as thanking her for the poem she wrote about Berry.

Martha writes to let Mr. Moore that she is sending literature and would enjoy having him for a visit at Berry.

Mr. Moore writes to Miss Berry to request information on the Berry Schools on behalf of a Sunday School teacher from the Sixth Avenue Presbyterian Church.

Martha Berry sends a letter and some literature to George Maxwell, a man who has much to donate, in hopes that he will donate enough to really help Martha Berry out in the way that she needs. Berry tells Maxwell that she to raise $150,000 a year to cover expenses for about 1,000 children.

This letter is to Miss Louise Manning Hodgkins from Miss Martha Berry. Berry apologizes for the delay in answer, attributing it to the holiday bustle. She sends Miss Hodgkins "The Sunday Lady" and "The Story of Berry Schools" for her to use to interest a woman in the work of the Schools.

In this letter Mrs. McDougald says that a school in her home town of Baton Rouge asked her to write them all she knows about the Berry Schools. Mrs. McDougald then asks Martha Berry to send literature about the schools along with a bill for any charges.

Martha Berry sends Mrs. Krotz some literature about the Berry Schools for her talk to the Woman's Club. She also thanks him again for the orchard power cultivator he donated and tells him how the schools have grown.

Mrs. Harding writes to Miss Berry to request more information on the work of the Berry Schools including a copy of "The Sunday Lady" so that she can present the information fully to her chapter of the DAR (The Scranton City Chapter) in the fall.

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