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A thank you letter to Mrs. Hickox for the American Forests magazine she had gifted the library in Martha's absence.

Miss Berry expresses her gratitude for the donation of a book of American songs, as well as her hope for Mr. Haden to find time to visit the campus.



American Forests Magazine will be sent as a gift from Mrs. Katharine A. Forrest.

Miss Berry is hyperbolically paying thanks to Miss Dogerberg for the donation of a book entitled "Good-bye Mr. Chips" to the school library. She also takes time to wish Miss Dogerberg a blessed Christmas.

Berry thanks Mr. Hornblower for his donation of National Geographics, and invites him to visit the schools this winter.

Miss Berry is asking Mr. Hornblower to send down copies of the National Geographic, years 1936-1938. She is also inviting him to stop by the campus for a visit on his next trip to the South. She comments that the boys and girls are like a hive of bees as they work and study.

Mr. Hoge writes to Martha, describing different ways that each department might be able to benefit if each student was charged a small fee per semester for their use (such as for the library and gym).

Berry Schools acknowledges Mrs. Nellie B. Allen's donation to the Library fund through Mrs. John Henry Hammond.



Martha Berry thanks Agnes Samuelson for the donation of a set of World Books for the library.

Mildred writes to Martha saying she is sorry for not getting her letter sooner. She also mentions that she enjoyed what she saw of the campus during her visit, she also hopes to be able to contribute some books to the library at Berry from time to time.

This letter includes the donation of a book to one of the libraries at Berry and details Martha Berry's appreciation of Miss Oliver's generosity.

The letter is thanking Mrs. Kriegshaber for her donation of books to the library as well as the photographs she enclosed with it.

The Kriegshabers are giving up their home and wonder if a box of textbooks from their library would be useful. Enclosed are photographs "taken the day of the exercises for the new building".

Berry thanks Errett of his donation of a subscription to American Forests and Forestry Life.

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