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Martha Berry writes about Mr Holt's inspiring letters and the color pictures he sent. She writes that she is still wearing black glasses through which she "sees the world darkly". She treasures the lifelike picture of Mrs Holt. She writes that the copies of "The Southern Churchman" have arrived and been passed around; she has enjoyed its sermon by Dr Shoemaker. Martha Berry thanks Mr Holt for his large check which made Mr Hoge smile and enabled him to pay the summer workers. She writes about sitting on the back porch of her home talking with "Aunt Martha" who encourages her to pray more and get her rest.

W. J. Govan tells Martha Berry about a letter that he wrote to a graduate of the Tallulah Falls Industrial School, and asks Miss Berry's permission to print her name as it is mentioned in the letter.

Mary Hilliard tells Martha Berry that she doesn't need to travel, only to write letters. She then agrees to help George get attention for his eyes and informs Martha Berry that a check is enclosed for that purpose.

A letter thanking Martha for her hospitality towards Emily Hammond and the Pilgrims, with some donations attached from some of the Pilgrims.

A letter describing that, however wonderful Henry Ford's gift was, it did not alleviate all need at the school.

Mr Peber writes about a letter that he has just received from Miss Berry that had followed his movements from here to there

Miss Berry is thanking Mr. Fontecost for his attention to her letter in a time of need.

A letter from Martha Berry expressing thanks for a gift and inviting Mrs. Morris to visit the school.

Note thanking Mr. Mooney for the Christmas gifts they received from him.

This is a request for Martha Berry to take 12,000 postcards of the State Flower and State Bird of Georgia to give out to visitors and attending or prospecting students.

This letter is written to Miss Martha Berry. At the request of the author, Miss Berry is asked to send bulletins and pictures of her school as well as a biography of her life. According to Mae, there are boys who are interested in attending Miss Berry's school the following year. However, two of them want to know more about Miss Berry and the school before they attend.

A letter to Miss Jane Milligan thanking her for the gift around the Christmas season.

Martha Berry thanks Valentine for his gift which came at a time of great need. She praises him and his parents who were among the earliest friends of Berry. She explains that they are economizing all they can, but still she feels like a mother who cannot take care of the needs of her children. Miss Berry also invites Valentine to bring his wife, Lydia, and his daughter to visit Berry.

Martha Berry expresses her appreciation for a letter written by Mrs. Cargile that praised the work done at the Berry Schools.



Martha Berry explains to Fannie Hatch why the school would prefer that Miss Hatch's church circle donate money to buy material for girls' uniforms rather than the actual material.

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