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Martha acknowledges Mrs Crowell's letter about her family's upcoming visit to Berry, discusses the best date to arrive and some arrival arrangements . Martha also mentions Mrs Crowell's current trip to North Carolina.

A letter expressing happiness that a student named Mary is doing well at Berry and requesting that in future letters, Martha tell Matilda more about her and how she is.

Mrs. Gantt explains that she sent a check for $37.50 to care for a little girl that Martha Berry mentioned in a letter. She is asking whether or not it was received.

Response from Hugh Findlay to Martha berry about invitation to visit the campus in Atlanta Georgia to give a talk about his job to the kids.

A letter informing Miss Heath that Martha Berry is out of town and will read her letter concerning her play when she returns.

Mrs. Hammond informs Martha Berry that she is sending a letter and check from Miss Jennings. She tells Martha Berry about a play that they are hoping to get for a benefit that is coming up.

Mr. Hamilton informs Martha Berry that her letter to Mrs. Hamilton arrived, but that Mrs. Hamilton passed away the previous year. He tells her that a family friend visited Berry and was impressed by their work. He encloses a $5 donation to the scholarship fund.

The letter says that the Berry Schools will be sending pictures to Mr. Wheeler for the article he is publishing about them.

A letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. Proctor containing a receipt for $250.00 for the gift towards the building of Pilgrim Hall and the invitation to visit and see the building when it is completed.

A thank you letter from Martha Berry to Clarence Poe regarding receipt of his application and note of good wishes.

This is a letter written to Miss Berry from Mrs. Mitchell. Mrs. Mitchell is sending her apologies to Miss Berry because she knows this is a tough time for her in her work, and she must have her hands full. Mrs. Mitchell has enclosed a small amount of money and wishes she could help Miss Berry out more.

This is a request for Martha Berry to take 12,000 postcards of the State Flower and State Bird of Georgia to give out to visitors and attending or prospecting students.

A letter to Miss Jane Milligan thanking her for the gift around the Christmas season.

This document is very informal; almost intimate. Currently, business letters are more to the point, and almost cold with no personality. In this letter, the author, Guyon Miller, goes into detail about his struggling business, the Downingtown Manufacturing Company. Miller goes as far to call the year 1930 "disastrous" for his business, and gives a bleak feeling about its future. He also uses the word "herewith" which is rarely heard anymore. If we did not have a date with this document, the use of "herewith" tells us the letter is from a much later date. Throughout the letter, Miller does show compassion and regret for what he feels is a small amount to donate to Berry. Miller ends the letter by saying, "Hoping that this small amount will be of some help, I beg to remain yours very truly." Again, his wording shows emotion and gives this letter more feeling from the author. He is actually begging Berry to think of him as "yours very truly." Through Miller's words, he displays regret and compassion: regret that he cannot give her more, and mercy to be on good terms with Berry. Intimacy and candidness can be seen throughout the whole letter, especially with its ending.

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