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A letter informing Mrs. Hammond on the leaflets that were being sent for the Benefit and telling her what dire circumstances the College was in.


Letter accompanies a folder of Harris who is a bright little fellow, thanks her for some leaflets especially "A Home Prayer", and thanks Mrs Brewster for her help and interest.

The note is asking for any information leaflets about the Berry Schools that could be used in DAR programs

Letter is an appeal to a prospective donor for a scholarship and was sent with a leaflet.

Mr. Martin of Townley, Webb & Martin, Inc. sends a rough proof of a Mother's Day leaflet for her approval. Mr. Martin also inquires about the quantitiy of leaflets that should be made.

Martha write to Morris to express her sympathies for the passing of his parents and includes a leaflet explaining the endowed days at Berry.

Martha writes to Mrs. Strong to thank her for her gift to the schools, and encloses a leaflet with the history of Polly, one of the students of the school.

Inman asks for new leaflets to accompany her solicitation for the Mother's Building. She gives examples of previously done materials that she wishes to have "made appropriate for 1927" and urges Green to move quickly to develop something that will be appealing through the mail. Written on Mother's Building stationery.

In this response letter, Miss Berry states that she will send leaflets and a few copies of the Southern Highlander to Mr.Krishnayya, for which he requested.

Miss Berry writes to Miss Moss apologizing that she didn't get to say goodbye because she has her hands full with a problem that keeps her up at night. She also asks when the pictures will come because she'd like to use them in the Berry leaflets.

Letter from Elizabeth Mabbett asking for information on the Berry Schools and the work done there so she can share it with her Sunday school class.

A letter inquiring after a missing cut of a leaflet called "What they Say of Berry Schools." The records at the Berry Schools do not show that it has been returned, so Miss Berry asks Mr. Martin to look for it in his office.

Mr. Barrow writes to enclose a small donation as well as some leaflets with messages and to express his wish that "friends with large pocketbooks" have come to help Berry.

E.B. Maguire asks Martha Berry to send one hundred leaflets sent to Mrs. Hammond to be given out at her "Pilgrims" meeting.

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