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The author informs Mr. Govan that his letter to Martha Berry arrived while she was out of town, but that he is welcome to publish her name in his leaflet. The leaflet includes Bible verses.

W. J. Govan tells Martha Berry about a letter that he wrote to a graduate of the Tallulah Falls Industrial School, and asks Miss Berry's permission to print her name as it is mentioned in the letter.

Letter is an appeal to a prospective donor for a scholarship and was sent with a leaflet.

Martin, of The Printing House of Townley, Webb & Martin, Inc., writes Miss Bessie Bonner to inform her that they will be sending a proof of a leaflet, and that they will have no trouble delivering 20,000 leaflets later in the month.

Charles writes to Martha that he has read her letter with interest from January 11th.

In this letter Chester Martin is sending Bessie Bonner a leaflet about the Berry Schools and informs her it may contain some mistakes, which she should correct. He also informs her of the status of the engraving and the "Highlander" copy and photographs.

Martha writes to Mr. Haggard asking him if he would keep the type set until the Sunday Lady is complete. As well as enlosing a leaflet about the dorm fire.

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