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Bessie Cooper writes her appreciation for Martha Berry letting her in the shcool.

The Berry Schools thank Mr. Crane for the gift he sent as their funds are very low at this time. They update Mr. Crane on the boys and girls activities during the summer.

In this letter the Berry Schools ask Mr. Hoehler for help with new laundry equipment.

Hoehler writes to let Berry know he has not forgotten about the laundry equipment, but has just been busy. He mentions he has met a few of the Berry boys at Davidson College where he spoke recently.

Fred K. Hoehler informs Martha Berry that The American Laundry Machinery Company cannot donate new washing machines but would be willing recondition two for $400-$500 each.

Mr. Hoehler tells Martha Berry that Mr. Charles P. Taft has agreed to speak at the Berry Schools next year. Mr. Hoehler suggests to Martha Berry that it would be a good idea to invite Mrs. Taft, as well, because he thinks she could make significant donations to the Berry Schools. Additionally, Mr. Hoehler tells Martha Berry about a new highway from Cincinnati to Chattanooga which will make it easier for Martha Berry to "cultivate" benefactors in Cincinnati. Lastly, Mr. Hoehler asks Martha Berry to ask DeWitt Littleton to write him a proposal for laundry equipment needed which Mr. Hoehler will take up with his friend Taylor Stanley as a potential donor.

In this letter Martha Berry is thanking Mrs. Fearn and her brother for their donation in memory of their mother.

Martha Berry is seeking help in donations from the American Laundry Machine Company for equipment. She states the school needs such equipment, but isn't able to afford it.



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