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Martha Berry sends a thank you letter to Mr. David McAlpin Pyle after receiving the amount of $100.

Berry writes to ask Stewart to think about giving a donation of $100,000 for a new dormitory in memory of Hamilton Stewart.

Berry writes to thank Stewart for his generous gift and invites him to visit the schools. She tells him that they are so grateful for the scholarships in memory of his mother and his brother. She also tells him that the latchstring is on the outside and he is welcome any time.

Miss Berry writes to ask for support to continue the work at Berry as she is unable to go out and speak in order to raise money.

Roop donates $150 and inquires about the gymnasium.

Martha Berry apologizes for not having a suitable wedding gift.

Berry is sorry to have missed Neal during her recent trip to New York, but wants to see her during her return visit in the winter.

In this letter, Martha Berry thanks Anna Veitch for sending scholarship money for a student named Polly. Berry also reminds Veitch that she is always welcome at the Berry School if she ever visits the South.

Martha Berry thanks Elizabeth M. Frothingham for her most recent contribution.

Berry encloses a picture of the cottage Chilsolm funded, regretting that she is not coming to visit this year.

Describing how Christmas was spent at the Berry Schools'. Inviting Mr. Barnes to pay a visit.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Parks thanking her for her hospitality and hopes that she and Dr. Park will visit sometime, saying that the latchstring is on the outside for them.

Letter to C. F. Buhler from Martha Berry informing him that they received the shipment of bulbs that he sent and that they were in good condition, even after being shipped across the continent. She informs him that she has had them planted in the schools' nursery and that she hopes they are successful. She informs him that if he is ever near to The Berry Schools that the latchstring would be on the outside and that she hopes that he will visit them. She then closes the letter by thanking him for his continued support and interest in the Berry Schools.

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