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Mr. Draper lets Martha Berry know when he hopes to see her.

Recognition of offering of free landscaping services to the school at any time.

Cridland writes about the bridge to be placed on the Berry property.


Letter to Mr. E. G. Liebold, Office of Mr. Henry Ford, regarding invoicing and work being done on landscaping. Some work cannot be done until after sap has gone down. Use own judgement in paying these as we have no receipted bills.


Childs clarifies that he is only interested in the rehabilitation of Central Park as a citizen. He would be pleased to visit Berry when he is in the South.

Berry endorses in Childs's proposal to formalize the landscape of Central Park and invites him to visit Berry, where he will find great natural beauty.

Berry encloses Hamrick's earlier letter and list of seeds and plants, asking that he update what is still needed. She plans to write to the Chase Company for dwarf boxwoods and asks Hamrick to confirm the number needed.

Berry dispenses instructions to Hamrick about pine trees (she believes it is a mistake to have cut so many), roads (she would prefer a good road to the barn instead of "so much fancy planting"), drainage, ivy (which should be planted around the barn), and the use of native trees.

The company is writing to inform Mr. Skinner that a Mr. Cridland suggested that the Berry School may require the company's assistance. He says that the company is capable of moving large trees but it could take the better par of a year. The company would be happy to outfit a crew to Berry at a charge of $60 a day, with exceptions. He also says that the workers would be happy to do any other work on campus while they are there and sends an album with photographs of their work.

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