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Martha Berry writes to tell Grady that they need to plan ahead for guests because they have a hard time thinking of things to do. She mentions that Lady Grenfell visited the kitchen but the boys didn't have clean aprons and Mr. Hill didn't have a clean suit. She asks him to make sure that they all have fresh suits and aprons when guests are expected, saying that it would be a good idea to always be ready in an emergency.

Berry instructs Wingo to devote all energy into getting things at the Girls School, particularly Clara Hall, clean and "in perfect order" in advance of important visitors and a special investigation of the dining room and kitchen.

Berry reprimands Wingo for letting Faith Cottage children work outside the Girls School, asking that the girls be removed at once. Only older girls should work in the Boys School or in the kitchen where there are so many boys.

Letter discusses the utensils in the new kitchen.


The Berry Schools thank Mr. Crane for the gift he sent as their funds are very low at this time. They update Mr. Crane on the boys and girls activities during the summer.

Jane E. Schmelzel asks Martha Berry if she received the box of various kitchen necessities she sent her from R.H. Macy and Co.

In this letter Martha Berry is thanking Mrs. Fearn and her brother for their donation in memory of their mother.

Berry asks Liebold, secretary to Henry Ford, to approve a list of dining room and kitchen equipment in order to have the rooms usable by Christmas. She is particularly anxious to have the new building in use because the recent enlargement of the schools has made it necessary to serve the students in relays.

Berry asks Galbraith if she would like to come to the Berry School and work as a matron. She would be paid thirty dollars a month with room and board.

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