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The letter is asking for a donation to Berry because the drought destroyed much of the crops the previous summer. The donation would help feed the boys and girls at the school.

Miss Berry writes to Mrs. Auchincloss to ask for further donations because some of the students at the schools will have to be sent home in January if they don't get help. She says that she has their names before her and cannot make up her mind which ones will have to go and that she will watch for Mrs. Auchincloss' reply. She asks that Mrs. Auchincloss make a "real Christmas" for a Berry student.

Martha Berry addresses "Friend," sharing information about Berry Schools in hopes of receiving a gift in return. We assume $5 was gifted in return from "Anon" on November 28, 1928.

Mr. Herbert L. Aldrich of New York City sent $50 in response to an appeal letter sent by Martha Berry.

Martha Berry shares information about Berry Schools in hopes of recieving a gift in return.

Martha Berry writes to Henry Sloane to offer her personal thanks for the certificates of stock in Congo-leum-Nairn, Incorporated. She expresses her hope that it will swell the Schools' endowment fund and interest. Her letter ends with her insistence that Mr. Sloane come to visit, particularly because of his generous investment in the work of the Berry Schools.

Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Evans for the gift she sent to The Schools, saying it greatly encouraged her. She also says that gifts and investments will help the work go on through the years. Miss Berry asks Mrs. Evans to tell her friends all about The Berry Schools and the great need of funding they have.

Martha Berry sends Mrs. Morris a letter to inform her how important donations are to Berry.

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