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Letter to Mrs. John Bolt from Martha Berry thanking her for her previous investment in the Berry Schools. Miss Berry also informs her about how much the schools mean to the boys and girls that are too poor to go anywhere else. She thanks Mrs. Boit for giving them a chance in life by investing in the schools. While she thanks Mrs. Boit for her previous support of the Berry Schools she does ask her to continue to invest in the Berry Schools and help with their needs.

Miss Berry writes to Alphous Goor thanking him for his gift. She says that Berry is growing more wonderful every day and says it would be a joy to have him visit the
boys and girls in whom he has invested.



Martha Berry thanks J. B. Campbell for offering to hold her money until she can invest it, saying she has been too busy to do so with the work at the Schools and her mother's illness. She says that The Schools are facing a difficult time and asks him to come visit and help them.

Berry appeals to a "Friend" to donate money to the Berry School so it might keep its doors open during the war and continue to provide a good education for children in need.

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