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Margaret Earnshaw, from Elsie Cobb Wilson, Inc. Interiors and Antiques, explains that she cannot provide professional decorating advice without charging for it. Sketches Earnshaw submitted must be returned or charges will be made.

The A.B. Closson, Jr. Company will ship pictures to Berry.

A letter from Lans Interior Decorations and Antiques to Martha Berry. The letter is confirming that they received a letter from Mrs. Campbell about damage.

Martha Berry writes that she has found a decorator from a company other than the one they had originally discussed. She hopes to visit New York in March, but has been ill. She believes that it is imperative to start an endowment for Berry.

Shepard wants to remember Berry by providing a small gift of $10.

Berry alumni David Driggers writes to thank Martha Berry for her invitation to use the Berry Chapel for his wedding to Ruby. Driggers credits Berry with preparing him for his current occupation of interior decorator.

Martha Berry asks that Mr. Harrington send designs for the stand and lamp she has ordered as soon as possible. She hopes that he and Mrs. Harrington will come to help finish a room as friends who visited recently were critical of it.

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