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Miss Berry acknowledges that it will take some time to get all the materials for her house and Emily Cottage but asks that Miss Earnshaw send her material for the sofa in the library and the armchair in the living room before April 7th so she can finish the furniture before Mrs. Hammond and the Pilgrims arrive.

Estimate of proposed work on Clara Hall by Elsie Cobb Wilson, Inc. Interiors and Antiques, prepared by Margaret Earnshaw.

Miss Berry writes to Mrs. Carlisle to update her on her life, saying she's back at work from Europe and feeling much better and that it's nice to have Mr. Byers helping out. She also says that they can't afford the interior decorator's plans and that the crops have all dried up and they have to begin again.

Berry asks Harrington to select braid to match the upholstery on a seat.

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