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Martha Berry says that Mrs. Hayes' gift is an inspiration that made it possible for the school to take in one more needy child. She says that gifts from friends are investments in human life, and that her belief in these children's futures gives her the courage and strength to work with them.

Martha writes to Mr. Penney about starting a Guersney herd knowing he has the best in the country. She also hopes that he will come to visit when he is in the South this winter.

Harrison and the Duvals write of the wonderful time they had visiting Berry and describe the rest of their journey in the South. They plan to return to Virginia to make a home for six little boys, and suggest that if Berry is in Richmond they come to meet her there, even if for just one night.

Martha Berry sends Mr. Walters literature about the Berry Schools and gives him some background information about the work going on at the Schools and how much it costs to pay for a year of school for a student. She invites Mr. Walters to visit the Schools because it "would be a real inspiration to the students to have [him] come."

Thanks for sending a piece of writing.

Jones writes of the "joy and inspiration" he experienced during a visit to the Berry Schools. At Martha Berry's request he will request that the treasurers of Tuskegee and Hampton Institutes send copies of their financial reports and suggests that she forward copies of Berry's financial report to him.

Mr. Babbott thanks Berry for the compliments and box of cotton and mentions that his grandchildren will especially appreciate it. He hopes to see her soon and calls her an inspiration for she never tires in her work for other people.

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