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A letter thanking Mrs. Hope for her letter and gift after Irene Biglow's passing. Additionally she updates Mrs. Hope on her health and thanks her for informing her of Miss Norris' illness.

A letter informing Mrs Hart that Miss Martha Berry is unable to respond to personal correspondence due to health reasons, but her letter has been referred to Dr. Green who will consider her application for a position there at Berry.

A letter to Martha Berry expressing Miss Hall's gratitude of her improving health and also informing her that she's returning to work from the summer worry-free as illnesses in her own family are starting to be recovered from.

A letter thanking her for her donation from Harriet Hammond to the Emily V. Hammond Scholarship Fund and expressing her sympathy at Miss Gerard's current illness.

A letter from Martha Berry sending her sorrow in hearing of Mr. DeLaittre's illness and hope for his fast recovery. She talks about their past spring visits and Mr. DeLaittre's impactful speeches of the past.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Holt for the gifts he has sent. He also sent some books of poetry by Grace Nell Crowell. Martha Berry is not feeling well and wants to go help the students. She also wants Mr. Holt and his wife to visit the campus.

A letter to Miss Hollister from Martha Berry thanking her and Mrs. Hollister for sending their usual donation. She goes on to describe their rising need for financial assistance at Berry this year, and how much their help really impacts Berry. She goes on to say how touched she is that Berry was remembered even while Mrs. Hollister is so ill.

A letter informing Miss Martha Berry of Miss Peggy Nell Holiday's admittance to the Sanatorium at Alto. This facility only hosts patients with lung collapse, and Schenck speaks of his hopes for Miss Holliday to receive satisfactory treatment.

Letter to Miss Anna W Hollenback from Martha Berry first saying that she was happy to hear of her recovery from illness. She mentions her gratitude in Hollenback thinking of the Berry students during this hard time in her life. She finishes by thanking her for her donation and inviting her to come down for a visit.

A thank you letter for the package Miss Hare sent to the Berry Schools. Also, an apology for not thanking her sooner, as Martha Berry has been absent and unable to open packages.

The Berry Schools staff answers a letter that did not reach Martha Berry due to sickness and travel. At this time, they do not have a forwarding address set up for Martha Berry.

A get well soon card from the Clay Family to Martha Berry.

Berry thanks Shaw for the gift he sent and asks for his opinion on a manuscript written by someone at Berry about the Berry schools. She apologizes for not seeing Mrs. Shaw while she was in New York City.

Lora Shaw writes the Berry Schools to explain that Mrs. D.D. Foster's current ill health makes it impossible for her to fulfill an earlier pledge to donate to the schools.

Mrs. Whitmore responds to Miss Berry's explanation of her illness and plea for help with a small donation.

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