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Document initially was a letter written by Miss Berry to "Friends' with annotation that Mr and Mrs Edwin Owen donated $150

Martha writes to Mr. Jenkins to thank him for his gift that has just arrived.

Miss Berry writes to say that she has been thinking of the Chambers family, she thanks them for their friendship and all they have done for Berry and asks them to visit when they come South.

In this letter Martha Berry thanks Miss Veitch for her interest in helping with Polly. Martha Berry tells Miss Veitch that Polly is doing well in school and is almost ready for high school.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Abrams for the anniversary gift she sent. She also explains more about the work of the Schools and its 25-year history.

Martha Berry expresses her heartfelt thanks for Mrs. Ansman's gift, discusses Berry's !00% return on the human investments that the school is making. Martha Berry asks Mrs. Ansman to spread the word about Berry to her friends.

Martha Berry sends this letter to thank Mrs. Andrews for her donation to the schools. Then she says that the spring semester is going well and that her donation will help out greatly. This letter was written on the back of a "begging letter."

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