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Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Driggers for visiting her at the hospital and bringing her handkerchiefs. She says to tell David and Mariam how much she appreciates them. She says she is sorry that she didn't see them, but that she knew she needed to get her sight back. She tells Mrs. Driggers that she cannot wait to see Berry again when she gets her permanent glasses.

A letter from Martha Berry to Bob Dickey, where she expresses her appreciation on reading his letter from her hospital bed.

Too faded to read, but is a boy that was in the hospital and requests his address.


This is an add from the Southern Highlander filled out to endow a quarter of a day by WM H Parsons.

Martha Berry is writing to Fanny Morris, who has recently fallen ill, offering her condolences. She says she thinks often of Miss Morris, her sister, and Mrs. Rice.



Mrs. Cumming instructs some of Berry's students who have been in training at Harbin Hospital. She writes to pass along her high regards of these girls: Ruby Smith, Miss Arlene Wall, MIss Teresa Wall, and the Misses Van Loudingham.

Jeanie Hall Clark writes to say that she has enjoyed her letter and the literature with Mrs. Whiting, who has been out autoing for four days). They send their love and promise that they will visit when they can.

Martha Berry instructs Alice Wingo to keep a strict quarantine between the Girls School and the College because several cases of measles have been reported at the College.

Miss Wheeler sends a check for $2000 to help start the fund for a hospital.

Harbin thanks Berry for the basket of flowers she sent to Dr. Harbin during his illness.

In this letter Elizabeth Kirkpatrick tells Martha Berry that she was in the hospital at the time of her appeal but that now she is better she will send some money for the cause.

Alice Wingo's report notes that Dr. Esther Pohl Lovejoy recommends that Martha Berry estimate the cost of building a hospital at the school which Lovejoy could present to the Medical Women's International Association for funding. Lovejoy also recommends seeking the support of Vassar College Physician Dr. Elizabeth Burr Thelberg.

Mrs. Chadwick writes to Martha wondering if it would be possible for the school to take the boys in for about two weeks as she can not care for the boys while she is in the hospital.

Martha Berry sends a letter to her brother Ike thanking him for the letter he sent to her in the hospital. She reminisces about their childhood and mentions her sisters and niece visiting her. She wishes to get better so that she can return to her school.


Martha Berry, Howard's aunt, writes that she is happy to hear that he likes his school so well. She explains that she is still in the hospital but she knows that she will recover faster with his encouragement. She says that she is proud of him for going to school by himself and reminds him that when he gets discouraged to think of the postage stamp - keep on sticking and he will get there. She also gives him $2 but cautions him to use it for something worthwhile.


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