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Zell Ryan tells Martha Berry that the Home Economics Club is sending $15 to contribute to the Possum Trot School and the welfare fund. She tells Martha Berry that they have also given $15 to Miss Alston for supplies for girls who do not have funds and contributed $27.90 for magazine subscriptions for the girls school library. She thanks Martha Berry for the opportunity to be a part of the Berry Schools. She hopes that the club will grow to be a "living expression" of their devotion to Martha Berry.

Harrison and the Duvals write of the wonderful time they had visiting Berry and describe the rest of their journey in the South. They plan to return to Virginia to make a home for six little boys, and suggest that if Berry is in Richmond they come to meet her there, even if for just one night.

This is a thank you letter to Mr. Arkwright from Miss Berry thanking him for sending The Berry Schools an electric range. She also invites him to visit sometime soon so he can see the girls using it.

Clyde Reynolds writes to thank Miss Berry for the prize awarded him for being the most improved in home economics and says that he will work to his best abilities to show his appreciation.

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