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A letter to Martha Berry saying that the cost of going to the high school is $1.02 under the College.

Elizabeth informs Martha Berry that she and her juniors (in high school) are very intrigued by the college. They read about the school in a book and are requesting a catalog to learn more about it.

Martha Berry thanks Harry Carlson for his donation to the Chapel Fund. She also expresses her desire for him to attend their Armistice Day celebration.

McLauren, who refers to herself as Berry's "friend and cousin," writes to ask if fourteen year old James Johnson can attend the Berry School. She provides background information about Johnson's difficult life, which she believes could be improved through an education, as well as that of his half-sister Marion Johnson Richards.

Letter describes how Agnes Allen will finish her high school education. Agnes left the school but would return after Christmas.

The Berry Schools inform Mr. Ketchum that the records he requested about the careers followed by Berry alumni would be difficult to collect while so many people are out of the office. They enclose a packet of general information about the school and say that further records can be obtained for him later. They tell him that that most students return home to work or marry after they graduate, excepting a small percentage of girls who are hired on at the schools. The schools also inform him that many others go to college after completing their high school work and Miss Berry is establishing a Junior College for those such students. She is also working on establishing a bookkeeping and stenography course for college sophomores. They encourage him to write with any more questions.

In this letter Martha Berry is thanking Maurice Hoopes for donating a gift to keep one of her students in school. Berry explains that the student is currently in Grammar School and that she hopes to have this student graduate from High School. She then goes on to explain why Berry is a good school for young people to go to.

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