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Berry is anxious to hear from Campbell and asks her to telephone Mrs. Hammond to learn about the dinner. Berry wants to go to New York before the dinner to get a dress and hat, and wants Campbell to join her at the St. Regis Hotel.

Berry accepts the hats Simpson offered to send.



Harriet Simpson sends a letter to Martha Berry about her collection of hats (some straw, some felt and some velvet) and asks if Berry could use them.


Martha Berry writes to rush order two hats, an inexpensive black straw to wear for company she is expecting, and a white felt to wear with a white dress. Berry is confident that Fuller will know what will be becoming. Berry also mentions that she hopes to have dresses made during a planned trip to New York.

Berry asks Wingo to instruct the girls to have their bonnets ready and to expect to practice marching into the Chapel as soon as the quarantine is lifted.

Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Smiley for her donation of used clothing and hats.

Maria Rushmore sends two boxes of clothing, hats, and shoes to Ms. Berry and Berry Schools in hopes they will be useful.

G. C. Hood writes that has sent two hats by post to sell in the "little store".

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