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Note sent to "Miss Berry" thanking her for the inclusion of the author in the wedding of Hattie and Glenn, as well as apologizing for being unable to make a home visit to Miss Berry. Informs Martha Berry about Louise Moffett who knows about the family history.

Letter written in pseudo-calligraphic hand on letterhead from the Stanley Apartment Hotel in Pasadena, CA.

Wingo writes that Miss Eleonore Raoul gives a prize of $10.00 for speaking from the Girls School. Wingo asks if Raoul's sister, Mrs. Millis, could come speak to the students. She asks for Berry to write okay on the note and Mr. Green can arrange it.

This is a letter to Tate Springs Development from Martha Berry asking for a carboy of Tate Water.

Handwritten letter to Inez Henry from Martha Berry


A praiseful letter to Martha Berry with an enclosed $5 for the Martha Berry School.

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