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A letter to Miss Davis thanking her for offering to sell handicraft done by the Berry girls but informing her that it's not possible for them to make the items in enough quantities to sell.

A letter to Mr. Hart informing him that Berry students do not make pottery and only do a limited amount of work in handcrafts.

A receipt from The Berry Schools to Mrs. W.W. Sunderland for a $17 Cabin design luncheon set of 6 place mats and 12 napkins.

Mrs. Simpson's order for new dress material has been received; the girls are ready to begin work on it and it should reach her in the next few weeks.

This letter is written from The Berry Schools to Mrs. Milton to assure her that her letter for her fan order was received.

The Berry Schools enclose a receipt for three white turkey fans and request Milton's permanent address.

Note for sending a receipt to Ellen Fink Milton for her purchase of three white turkey fans.

Someone from The Berry Schools lets Mrs. Milton know that her fans have been sent out.

This is a letter written to The Berry Schools requesting fans. Mrs. Milton is requesting that the fans that are ready are sent to her. She also asks for a turkey tail fan to be sent. She requests that the fans are fasten to the box so that the edges are not hurt.

This is a letter from Berry Schools to Mrs. Milton, inquiring where to send three fans made for Mrs. Milton.

This is a letter from Mrs. Milton to The Berry Schools with a check enclosed, asking for three white fans. She also says she will be sending a letter later on because she soon will be changing addresses. On letterhead from the Williams Inn.

The Berry Schools enclose a receipt for a purchase of Sunshine articles to Mrs. Maulsby.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Martin for allowing her students to hold their Sunshine exhibit at The Bon-Air and asks that he let her know what time they can arrive.

Emily V. Hammond informs Martha Berry of the change of time of her broadcast. She also tells her of some individuals willing to sell Berry handicrafts.

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