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A letter asking Miss Gresham to come to the dedication of the new Gymnasium on campus.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Roop for her donation and lets her know she will be receiving a picture of the finished gymnasium.

Roop donates $150 and inquires about the gymnasium.

Mrs. Roop sends a pair of shoes and stockings, which were given to her by her nurse, to the Berry Schools. She also asks if there has been any progress made in building the gymnasium.


Roop sends a contribution for the gymnasium, mentioning that it made her sad to see, during her visit to the school, where the students played.

Mrs Noons thanks Miss Berry for the violets, and for thinking of her. She also praises Martha Berry for her splendid service. She wishes luck to Berry in getting a gymnasium built.

Undated and unattributed itemization of insurance costs for the dairy, gym, railroad station, and Oak Hill.

Berry thanks Selden for his contribution and asks that he send the names of prospective donors to fund for building a gymnasium.

Martha Berry thanks Miss Adams for her check, especially since it came at an urgent time. She informs Miss Adams that it is difficult to care for these young people and donating is a great investment in the future. Martha tells her that a friend has promised a donation to a gymnasium if they raise $10,000 and asks that Miss Adams send the names of any friends who she thinks would be interested.

In this letter Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Appleton for her donation and asks her to send any names of friends that would be willing to help donate for the gymnasium.

In this letter Martha Berry is thanking Mrs. Geo P. Black for her donation of one hundred dollars. Martha Berry also emplores Mrs. Black to tell her friends about the need for ten thousand dollars for the gymnasium.


Martha Berry sends a thank you letter that doubles as a letter asking for money to Miss Sarah E. Baldwin, who sent $100 to help a female student named Audrey who just graduated high school and is attending junior college.

In this letter Martha Berry is asking Mrs Lampreeht for money to help build a gymnasium for the boy's school. She also reminds Mrs. Lampreeht of their time together at Lake Mohonk

In this letter Mary Woodman tells Martha Berry that she was just looking to put the money to good use when her letter arrived. There is a donation of one thousand dollars attached to the letter.

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