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Miss Berry is responding to Mr. Gresham's request, saying how there are no girls available to serve as housekeeper/nanny for his kids, given that the girls aren't allowed to drop-out mid-term, and those who graduate tend to find employment of a different nature.

Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Hatfield for gift. She describes the commencement and baccalaureate service, including speakers.

Martha writes to Mr. Penn thanking him for the invite to speak to the graduates. She informs him that she can not accpet the invitation, but perhaps another time she will be able to come to LaGrange.

Emily Vanderbilt Hammond sends good wishes to the Berry graduates.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Roop for her donation and lets her know she will be receiving a picture of the finished gymnasium.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Buck for her donation which helps the schools in so many ways.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith write to congratulate Martha Berry for her Pictorial Review award and speak of their fondness for the Berry Industrial School - they were at the first graduation. They speak kindly of the Berry family and ask Miss Berry to mention them to Mr. and Mrs. I. J. Berry.

Mr. Caldwell writes to Martha Berry thanking her for the photographs that they used in newspapers around the United States. He also asks for a program of the graduating services and any other material as well so he can run a story in advance.

Miss Berry asks if Mr. Arkright will be able to be the graduation speaker for the graduating class.

Letter requesting Clarence Poe deliver the commencement address at the College and High School graduation.

A letter from a former student praising Berry and the education he received there as well as the joys and rewards of the teaching profession. He especially counts the problem solving skills he learned.

J.R. McWane notifies Berry of his intention to attend the Berry School's graduation ceremony on May 1, and to attend a Board of Trustees meeting on the same day.

This is a letter from Miss Berry to Mrs. McCrary thanking her for her donation of 150 dollars. Miss Berry expresses the hard times she is going through with funding, but says she would never regret her years put into the Berry Schools.

Letter from Martha Berry to Mr. C.W. Barron in appreciation of his donation.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. John D. Blanchard to express her gratitude for her gift of $200.

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