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Erwin A Holt describes many mutual friends/donors along their relationship. He mentions the proceeds of Miss Berry's orange grove. He was good to hear that Miss Bery is "getting along". He encourages patience.

Letter suggests that Rev George Truett be invited to Berry as he will be in Atlanta. Mr Holt expresses concern for Miss Berry's health.

Mr. Holt tells Martha Berry that he is sending his yearly donation in honor of Mrs. Holt's recovery from a dangerous operation. He then says that he hopes to bring Mrs. Holt to Berry soon. He recalls being at Berry on Mother's Day in 1923 and says that he ordered an autographed book to be sent to Berry before Mother's Day. He suggests that the author of the book should visit Berry for inspiration. Mr. Holt hopes to send some quotations to Berry soon and regrets that he cannot send more money.

Hall tells Martha Berry that he is looking forward to Grace Noll Rowell day at Berry. He states he will arrive about Nov. 2 and will provide more details when possible.

In this letter Martha Berry tells Erwin Holt that Grace Crowell will be visiting in November. She also thanks him for referring his friends to Berry.

A. Holt is responding to Miss Berry's letter and the copy of the letter she wrote Grace Noll Crowell. He encloses a copy of a letter he wrote to Mr. Crowell. He is excited to see the article of Mrs. Crowell's life that Harper magazine will be publishing. He then discusses his travel plans and suggests he could visit Berry in October.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Holt for arranging to have Mrs. Crowell visit Berry, and says that she is enclosing the letter that she wrote to Mrs. Crowell. Martha Berry says that she is looking forward to meeting Mrs. Crowell and thanks Mr. Holt for his help and friendship.

Mr. Holt includes part of a letter from Grace Noll Crowell about a possible visit to Berry. Ms. Crowell writes that she wishes she could come, but that two of her sons have been sick recently. She says that she will try to visit as soon as they improve. She talks about sharing her poetry with the students. Mr. Holt suggests that Martha Berry write to Ms. Crowell about the visit.

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