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A letter thanking Mrs. Crowninshield for all her help over the past eleven years and informing of her some of the highlights at the school during that time and presently. Additionally, an invitation to come back and visit the school either on her way to Florida or on her way back.

Miss Crosby donates to the school's Theatre Arts program. The commencement has just ended and the seniors have left. An early version of the work-study program is "well underway" and the students are grateful for the opportunity.

Martha Berry thanks the recipients for their Christmas gifts to the school and hopes that they had a beautiful Christmas.

Martha writes to Mr. Hoge about needing to have his staff inform Martha about gifts received as there have been complaints due to lack of records in Martha's office but not in Mr. Hoge's.

A letter thanking Mrs. Hope for her letter and gift after Irene Biglow's passing. Additionally she updates Mrs. Hope on her health and thanks her for informing her of Miss Norris' illness.

A thank you letter to Mrs. Hickox for the American Forests magazine she had gifted the library in Martha's absence.

H G Hamrick sent the letter to MIss Berry informing her of donation the "National Georgraphic Magazine" to Boys' library by William S Ransom - living in San Franciso, CA.

Mrs. Grossenbach says that she is sending used apparel to be distributed to the students at Berry.

A letter to Miss Gerard thanking her for her gift toward the Emily V. Hammond Scholarship through Mrs. Clark and also advising her to start having the receipts of her gifts sent to her for her records.

Martha Berry thanks Marion Dame for her gift that will be used to buy additional farm land which will be worked by Berry boys to provide food at Berry for many years.

A letter thanking Martha Berry for flowers she'd sent and expressing her pleasant visit to the Berry Schools.

A letter from Martha Berry thanking Miss Hodge for her generous gift of baby clothes, towels, pillow-cases and other useful gifts. She goes on to describe their great need and appreciation for these gifts. Martha Berry talks about the one room cabins of Rome where families of 10 -12 often live. She concludes with hoping that Miss Hodge will thank the members of the Needlework Guild for the many good things that have come to Berry from their generous hands.

A thank you letter for the donation Mr. Hodges gave to the Berry Schools.

A thank you letter for the painting Mrs. Hitchcock gave to the Berry Schools.

Helen S. H. sends kind words to Martha Berry and encouragement for her and the schools. She discusses the shipment of several paintings to Martha Berry.

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