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A letter informing of new rulings in regard to the Visiting Gardens system. First that the Locater be eliminated. Second, the President of each Club be responsible for a complete list of any gardens that might be of interest to visitors. Third, that maps be made of the general locations of the gardens and sent to the Central Office.

This appears to be a letter stating that Mrs. Amy Noble Maurer, of Chicago will be a speaker on a campus. It also appears to be encouraging the Garden Club to support the speaker, and promote the lecture.

Martha Berry talks of the dreadful conditions and their impact.

Martha Berry lets her friend know how important donations of any amount are in this trying time.

Martha Berry tells Mrs. McFadden of her plan to update the school's grounds.

O. W. Fraser writes about waiting until cool weather before shipping some bulbs that Berry had ordered. Fraser also writes about the need to water the trees at Berry during the drought.

Martha Berry explains to Mr. Cridland that he was supposed to send designs for the bird baths and benches in the garden.


Letter provides instruction for planting some trees next to the Recitation Hall at the Girls' School.

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