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A letter stating that the stool Mrs. Heath inquired about could be made and that it would be $4.00 total.

The Berry Schools tell Miss Earnshaw that they've received her letter about the pictures of the furniture placed in Emily Cottage. Since Miss Berry is away, no one is able to authorize the expenditure. All the shopman wants is to know what is required, and then he can make his own diagram. The Schools ask Miss Earnshaw what kind of curtains the cottage needs so they can be woven during the summer. A small sample of the color is all they need.

Miss Berry acknowledges that it will take some time to get all the materials for her house and Emily Cottage but asks that Miss Earnshaw send her material for the sofa in the library and the armchair in the living room before April 7th so she can finish the furniture before Mrs. Hammond and the Pilgrims arrive.

Martha Berry sends her thanks again for the furniture and lets Miss DeWolf know that literature has been sent to her.

Miss DeWolf expresses her interest in Martha Berry's work and only hopes she could do more.


Martha Berry thanks Miss DeWolf for the furniture she sent and hopes she will come visit Berry.

Miss Berry writes to Mrs. Campbell to say that it was good to see her and that Charlie is on a trip to Atlanta to pick up some furniture. She also asks when she can send Charlie to get the red azeleas and drop off some furniture in Atlanta to be recovered. She asks about the sofa pillow and lamp and says talks about the visitors The Berry Schools have.

Vaughn reports on Mrs. Ladd's interest in Lemley Hall, including her desire to purchase furniture for the living room.

Martha Berry updates Ladd on furnishings for Lemley Hall and what she hopes will happen in the future.

Berry asks Harrington to select braid to match the upholstery on a seat.

Letter from Martha Berry to WE Browne Decorating requesting materials to repair furniture.

Milton is disappointed that poor health prevented her from visiting Berry on her way north. She has sent to Berea College a table and shoe box for which the designs are currently popular in New York, hoping they will copy and sell the items. If Berry arranges to copy the items as well, she can assist in selling them. Milton describes her speaking engagements at the Southern Industrial Educational Association, provides news of mutual friends, and tells Berry about a prospective donor, Mrs. Edward Moen.

On behalf of Henry Ford, E. G. Liebold encloses a check for $5,689.44 for the invoice of the Clanton & Webb Company and the McDonald Furniture Company.


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