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A letter to Mrs. Holt addressing Martha Berry's thanks for all of Mrs. Holt's help in supporting The Berry Schools, and the great need that the school has for friends like Mrs. Holt. She goes on to describe the great needs for Berry Schools in order to keep the scholarship students funded. She also includes her plans for a trip to New York to try to raise more funds within the next couple of days.

Miss Berry is thanking Mrs. Hayward for funding her library fund. She is also asking Mrs. Hayward to encourage others to contribute to said fund, for she never seems to have enough money to properly stock the three libraries in question.

Fund raising letter asking donors to endow a day to help fund one student in perpetuity. Letter assures potential donors that Berry students are "100 per cent Anglo-Saxon" and "American born".

This is a fundraising letter from Martha Berry to the community. She asks that the community contribute money to the school so that the students that are currently attending may remain.

Berry asks Hamrick to go over a fundraising plan she has from the Spence School with Mr. Skinner, in order to make a similar one to use in fundraising for Pilgrim Hall.

Neal writes in appreciation of having been included in the Berry Birthday Dinner. Now that Berry's birthday is endowed, she wishes to start a fund to endow the birthday of Judge Moses Wright. Neal dreams of working for Berry in New York.

Miss Berry has just gotten over a bronchial cough and has missed her appointment with Mr. Penny due to her illness. She informs Miss Neal of this and then notes that she will be in New York on the 4th- pressing that she would like Miss Neal to attend the engagement, held at Mr. Jones' Office, on the 5th of March. Miss Berry believes that together they, alongside Inez Wooton, will be able to raise money and get Trustees for the school.

Letter from C. N. to Miss Berry regarding a meeting with Mr. Penney in Florida and other fundraising efforts in New York City.

Miss Martha Berry has become ill with bronchitis and will probably have to cancel her St. Louis engagement. She inquires about when she is to meet Mr. Penny again as she has not yet received an answer for when he expects her. Furthermore, Miss Berry writes that the school is falling behind in raising money for their running expenses, and she has already used every means she can think of to raise funds.

This is a letter from Martha Berry to a Mrs. John Henry Hammond inquiring about Lucille LaVerne. Martha mentions that LaVerne says that she is going to raise "a million dollars" for The Berry Schools, but that she knows nothing about her.


Request to Mr. Leibold, secretary to Henry Ford, for monetary help in Mr. Ford's absence from the country. Miss Berry's bronchitis prevented her from raising money for a time, so she was $40,000 behind in her fundraising and unable to pay teachers at the end of the year.

Martha Berry writes that she will try to impress on Mrs. Inman that "the building" must be fireproof. She asks Carlson to confirm his commission on the chapel, referring to a lower commission on previous projects.

Martha Berry writes about fundraising for the chapel organ and asks Harry J. Carlson to reduce his commission to help.

Harry J. Carlson responds to Martha Berry's request for advice about getting John E. Bierwirth, Thompson Starrett Company vice president, on the Berry Board of Trustees by counseling that she wait to discuss the matter with Bierwirth in person. Carlson comments further on fundraising and hopes that the "Detroit friends" will postpone their visit. He asks Berry to have Mr. Skinner respond more fully about the dairy.

Martha Berry asks architect Harry Carlson's advice on getting John E. Bierwirth, Thompson Starrett Company vice president, on the Berry Board of Trustees and mentions a Rockefeller Foundation award to Shorter College. She lets Carlson know that "our Detroit friends" are expected to visit.

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