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Ms. Hoge says that she has many things to be thankful for, but one thing is Martha Berry. She thanks her for being a wonderful friend and hopes that she has a wonderful Thanksgiving. She says that Ms. Berry looks very well and young, and expresses her thanks again.

Miss Berry is thanking Mrs. Bench for a gift she has sent. Miss Berry also commends the existence and influence of her schools, the students of which (as well as Mrs. Bench) she describes as friends.

Martha Berry tells Mrs. Carlisle that her family's visit to Berry was delightful and that having Mrs. Carlisle at Berry makes her feel young again. She says that Mrs. Carlisle is counted the first and most beloved friend at Berry. She wishes Mrs. Carlisle peace and comfort and expresses her wish that Mrs. Carlisle's family will visit again soon.

Martha Berry says that she enjoyed meeting Mr. Campbell at Battle Creek and that she appreciates his contribution to a scholarship. She hopes that Mr. Campbell will visit Berry to see the work that they are doing. She also asks him to send his home address for the records.

Martha Berry tells Mr. Gottschalk that it was a pleasure to have him visit Berry and that she is glad he is a friend of the work they are doing. She hopes that he will return on his next trip south.

Erwin Holt wrote this letter to Miss Berry the day before her birthday. In it, he wishes her a happy birthday, tells her events he has seen in the news, and mentions some stories from his personal life.

Martha Berry lets Miss Chase know she is thinking of her.

This letter is a form letter advertising Shad Roe and Bacon.

Martha Berry's building was burned down in a fire, leaving many of the boys that lived there out of a home. Charlotte sent Martha Berry a check for $10 and will try to send some educationary things later on down the line.

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