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Berry writes to ask Stewart to think about giving a donation of $100,000 for a new dormitory in memory of Hamilton Stewart.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Kiser asking about funds for a new dormitory after the old one burnt down.

Miss Berry asks for a donation for their fire-proof dormitory.

Martha Berry asks for donations because of the recent dormitory fire.

A letter from Martha Berry to a Mrs. Richard H. Wilmer, requesting help after the loss of the main dormitory, which housed 75 young boys.

This letter from Martha Berry describes the loss of the dormitory at the Foundation Schools. She is requesting money to help rebuild and fireproof the replacement building so that they can have it ready for the opening term that September. The letter also seems to carry Wilcox's handwritten reply, indicating that he would love to help out.

Letter announces the loss of the main dormitory at The Foundation School to fire, and pleads for donations for a replacement fire-proof building; recipient of this letter sent $10.
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Martha Berry announces the loss of the main boys dormitory, and her wish to replace it with a fire proof building. She asks the friend for aid in Berry's time of need. Later that month the unknown recipient sent $5.

Rachel H. Powell send $5 in response to Martha Berry's appeal letter about the rebuilding of the burned dormitory.

Edward E. Paschael sends a small donation and corrects his address.

A letter asking for donations to rebuild the boy's dormitory that burned down. Miss North returned the letter with a donation.

In this letter Martha Berry thanks Mr. Hamilton for his gift and goes on to explain that a dormitory at the Foundation School has burned down and they need help to build a new fire-proof one since insurance did not cover the entire cost.

A letter authored by Martha Berry sent out requesting any monetary donations to aid in the rebuilding of the main dormitory at the Foundation School, which burned down. The dormitory housed seventy-five boys and they were hoping to have it built and ready for the opening term, September 1st.

Martha Berry writes to Miss Emily O. Butler about a donation to rebuild the main dormitory at the Foundation School that was lost by fire.

A letter from Martha Berry asking a friend to donate any amount of coinage in order to help repair the main dormitory.

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