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A letter to Martha Berry informing her the saw mill fire has been put out and what was salvaged from the wreckage.

Martha Berry writes to Emily Hammond thanking her for the check of $1000 to help the boys who lost their belongings in the fire. She also expresses gratitude for the donations to Pilgrim Hall and wishes Hammond a Happy New Year.

Emily Hammond sends $1000 to help those students who lost their belongings in a fire at the school. She also forwards some checks for Pilgrim Hall from Mrs. Augusta Pope and Mr. Henry Roth. She also urges Berry and Inez Henry to come to New York and speak to the Pilgrims.

In this letter Miss Berry explains that the loss of the building to the fire, and that it cannot be immediately replaced due to the needs in the other three school buildings.

George expresses his concerns about damages to the school from fire.

Berry writes Sloan to describe school happenings, including snow at Christmas and a fire at the barracks.



Emily Hammond asks if Inez could speak, but if there is a chance of Berry speaking she would prefer to postpone the meeting. She also offers her condolences for the fire and sends New Years good wishes.

Martha Berry tells why the students stay at school for Christmas. She discusses the work at Pilgrim Hall. She tells of the barrack that was housing some of the boys and how it burned. Berry explains the need of a fire-proof dormitory. She also thanks Mrs. Hammond for the books she sent her.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Crow about the package of clothing she sent and her hope that Mary and Willoughby will return to Berry in May to see their class graduate.

Laura D. Barney donates three hundred dollars to the Berry Schools and then tells Miss. Berry about Mrs. Cowles house burning down.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Sloane for a gift he gave to the Berry Schools that helps the girls. She invites him to come visit, and talks about the majesty of the campus. Miss. Berry sneakily drops hints about wanting bells for her silver anniversary with the schoolss.

A letter from Anna Smith and the senior girls to Martha Berry, donating $5.70 they had been saving for a party to be used instead to replace Crozier Hall, which was destroyed by a fire.


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Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Kiser asking about funds for a new dormitory after the old one burnt down.

Erwin Holt writes Martha Berry to update her on his activities. He congratulates her on the 25th Anniversary of the school and commiserates over the fire at Crozer Hall. He also pledges to send a $200 donation on April 20.

News of a residence hall burning for about 75 residents. Martha is asking for help to help rebuild a new dormitory for the fall semester.

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