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Mrs. DeLaittre comments on the terrible weather and hopes to get some information from Martha Berry

A Letter to Martha Berry from Alma E. Shimer concerning an endowment needed for a new building for the Girls School. Ultimately, Miss Shimer is asking Miss Berry for a copy of the financial audit for the last complete fiscal year to see how much money is in use for the schools.

Letter to Martha Berry from G. E. Maddox concerning the tax increase for The Berry Schools.

Mr. Maddox writes he will go over the audit and speak with Mr. Alston about getting a financial statement for the schools. He will advise Miss Berry in a few days.

Berry writes to Maddox to clarify for financial statements that Henry Ford has not purchased her home, a rumor she suggests may have been started in Rome.

This letter is detailing a need for a financial report of the money raised from the school and Miss Berry is acknowledging that there have been multiple requests to see the amount of money made from raising money for the Berry Schools.

Letter to Martha Berry from William H. Carter informing her that her request for a financial report of the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute had been referred to Mr. Thomas Jesse Jones. They inform Miss Berry that the last report is on the press and that as soon as it is released that one will be sent to her.

Jones writes of the "joy and inspiration" he experienced during a visit to the Berry Schools. At Martha Berry's request he will request that the treasurers of Tuskegee and Hampton Institutes send copies of their financial reports and suggests that she forward copies of Berry's financial report to him.

Martha Berry writes to Dr. Jones that the school enjoyed his visit and that the students are still talking about his speech at the chapel. She says Mr. Green is thinking of having it published so the students can have a copy of it. She also asks if she could get copies of the Hampton and Tuskegee financial reports so the school can see how it is done by other schools.

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