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List of Sunshine sales to Emily Vanderbilt Hammond. Includes baby blanket, towels, baskets, a fan, bags, scarves, a rug and stool mats.

Letter noting arrival of a gift of a fan for Mrs. Rivers and encouraging Miss Berry to prepare a moving pictures and beautiful exhibit for Hot Springs, VA

Mrs. Matthews asks Miss Berry if the school can make her feathers into a fire screen instead of the fans her friend Mrs. Frank Inman purchased if she sends them right away.

Mrs. McWane asks Martha Berry if she could buy a white feather fan that she believed was made at the schools. She also talks about how much she and her husband enjoyed meeting her at Tate Springs. In a subsequent letter, Martha Berry sends Mrs. McWane the fan and explains her enjoyment at hearing about their seven month old son.



Letter written to Mrs. McWane to inform her that the fan was mailed last Monday and she should be in receipt of it.


Louise McWane writes to have a white feather fan sent to her.


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