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Martha Berry tells Mr. Hoehler how happy she is to have him speak at Commencement. She says that she hopes he will bring his family with him. She thanks him again and asks if it is true that Mrs. Meacham has passed away.

Martha Berry thanks Johm Graham for sending her a clipping and asks that he send her more so that she can know what is going on in New York. She mentions that she saw his family and that several people are coming to visit. She then mentions that she has been thinking about going to New York, but is afraid that she will get sick. She finishes the letter by thanking him and wishing him a blessed Christmas.

Mrs. Kain informs Martha Berry that her maiden name is Louise Berry and her father is William Berry, and wonders if they might be related to each other.

This letter from Martha Berry is thanking Cecilia for her kind words regarding the Berry schools, and Martha indicates that she would like to meet Cecilia should she ever come to Chicago.


Eagan thanks Berry for a recent visit to Oak Hill and sends news of family members.

Letter regarding Mrs. Duckworth's friend Peter and his interest in and donation to the school.

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