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Martha Berry receives a postcard from a friend informing her that Ford General Motors had Berry students at their exhibit building at the World's Fair.

Margaret Fitzhugh Browne is informed that Martha Berry has been away for some time and her return is unknown, therefore the portraits Browne requested for an exhibition cannot be provided.

Stokes encloses a donation, regretting that she did not know that Louise Reese Inman and Agnes Hamrick were in Augusta with the Berry exhibition.

Letter to Mr. Martin from Martha Berry asking him if she can have an exhibition in his hotel. She also invited him for a visit to the schools.

The Berry Schools asks Mrs. Crews about the display table that had not been received from the exhibition in Atlanta.

Letter to Effie E. Smiley from The Berry Schools informing Mrs. Smiley that they sent her the exhibit trunk as well as the key so that she can set up an exhibit about the schools. The letter also states that Miss Berry will not be able to attend because she is away but that she trust Mrs. Smiley can manage everything.


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